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Pittsburgh Philosophy Workshop: Law & Morality

December 1st, 2012 – Pitt University Club: The Philosophy Department at the University of Pittsburgh presents a workshop on Law & Morality Speakers: Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern) – “Does Respect Require Antiperfectionism?” Henry Richardson (Georgetown) – “Democratic Autonomy and Democratic Authority” Paul Weithman (Notre Dame) … Continue reading

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Thom Brooks, Punishment

Punishment is the most comprehensive monograph on the subject available. It is accessible for readers coming to the topic for the first time with new arguments and developments in each chapter that will be of interest to those already working … Continue reading

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OPR VI.18 Jurisdictional Rights

At the end of Chapter 17 we saw that the argument from abstraction cannot provide the determinate moral rules that are needed for social coordination.  Members of the public are left with a set of optimal eligible interpretations of the … Continue reading

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New Book — Reconstructing Rawls: The Kantian Foundations of Justice as Fairness

Hi folks, Just wanted to make a shameless plug for my new book, which may be of interest to some of you. Here’s a link to the book’s PSUP website (which has further links to Amazon, etc.) and a synopsis. … Continue reading

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OPR V.14 Modeling Public Justification

This post provides an overview of Section 14 and explains the relationship of this section with previous sections; I make some critical comments in separate posts linked below. I hope I haven’t gone overboard, in terms of the total length … Continue reading

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OPR IV.12: Moral Emotions and Moral Autonomy

My apologies for posting this a little bit late. I came down with something and couldn’t get the comments put together as quickly as I had hoped and then ran into some compatibility issues with Word Press and my browser. … Continue reading

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