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The European Society for the History of Political Thought (ESHPT) will hold its 2nd conference at the University of Athens, Greece between 19-21 January 2012. The conference theme shall be “Athenian Legacies: European Debates on Citizenship”.

Contact: Professor Paschalis Kitromilides (e-mail: pkitrom@eie.gr).

For more information go to http://europoliticalthought.wordpress.com.

Dr. Evangelia Sembou
Convenor, Political Thought Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom

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Conference: The Margins of Citizenship

Conference: The Margins of Citizenship

Citizenship is a central concept in normative political philosophy, law, and public policy. It marks out those to whom we owe special attention, those who have the right to determine their society’s shape, and those who can command the full set of entitlements made available by the state. Full citizenship is a highly prized position. Many members of society, however lack the full status of citizenship, because they do not possess the full set of citizenship rights (resident aliens, children, prisoners), and/or because, even if they do, economic forces and social norms tend to push them to the margins. Equal citizenship continues to be the site of social struggle. The object of this conference is to reflect upon the margins of citizenship, to investigate the nature of partial citizenship and whether it can be justified, and to consider what marginal citizenship implies for the concept of citizenship itself, as well as allied ideas such as social justice and rights. read more...

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