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Podcast: The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics

Podcasts from the interdisciplinary conference ‘The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics’, which was organized by Jens Olesen (Oxford) and held at the Department of Politics and International Relations, have now been released on itunes. The conference provided a setting in which distinguished proponents and critics of some of the prevalent interpretive approaches currently used in humanities and social sciences research engaged in a rigorous debate about the advantages and costs of Hermeneutics, Contextualist and Straussian Approaches, Feminist Interpretations and Deconstruction, and to discuss the political assumptions that inform them, as well as aims that drive them. read more...

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Workshop on “Methods of Interpretation and the Politics of Hermeneutics”, MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory 2011

Call for Papers for the MANCEPT Workshop

Methods of Interpretation and the Politics of Hermeneutics

31st August- 2nd September 2011, University of Manchester

Political theorists have responded somewhat ambiguously to the ‘interpretive turn’ that shaped the humanities and social sciences in the mid to late twentieth century. After an initial phase of turning attention to questions of interpretive method in the 1960s and 70s, which led to fierce methodological disputes over contributions from Cambridge historians, they subsequently turned away from such questions in the 1980s and 90s, based on the assumption that all practitioners implicitly agree on how they interpret texts. With the twenty-first century, the vocation has entered a third phase in which there is an increasing recognition that hermeneutic methods have yet to be adequately addressed. read more...

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