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Call for Abstracts on Police and Anarchism

Call for Abstracts for the Molinari Society’s next Eastern Symposium, to be held in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meeting, January 6-9, 2016, in Washington DC. (Note that this meeting is the week after New Year’s, rather … Continue reading

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MOLINARI REVIEW: New Journal and Call for Papers

The Molinari Institute is pleased to announce a new interdisciplinary, open-access libertarian academic journal, the MOLINARI REVIEW, edited by me. We’re looking for articles, sympathetic or critical, in and on the libertarian tradition, broadly understood as including classical liberalism, individualist … Continue reading

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Chapter 7. Reconciliation in Practice: Education.

I disagree with a good deal in Chapter 7 of Kevin’s book.  In fact, I am extremely sympathetic with the overall project of de-privatizing religious reasons: like Kevin I want a liberalism, and more importantly a polity, in which faith … Continue reading

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Symposium on John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness

The Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog is hosting a symposium on John Tomasi’s newest book, Free Market Fairness. The symposium begins today, June 11th, and runs through next Monday, June 18th. The schedule for the symposium is below. Please see the … Continue reading

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Blog Symposium on Libertarianism and Land

Over at the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog, we’re running a symposium this week on the topic of “Libertarianism and Land,” featuring essays by Eric Mack, Hillel Steiner, Fred Foldvary, Kevin Carson, and David Schmidtz. The first essay went up this … Continue reading

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OPR VIII.23: The Justification of Coercive Laws

Overview of §23 I’m going to structure my discussion of this section a little differently. I’m also going to be a bit polemical about it. Perhaps this treatment will galvanize some discussion about this section, which I believe is rather … Continue reading

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