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Keele University Considers Closing Philosophy Dept.

Keele University is considering closing its philosophy department. Anyone concerned should join this facebook group for more details on how they can help fight it. 

Alumni and others concerned by this are encouraged to write emails to this address: savekeelephilosophy@groups.facebook.com

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Distributive Justice in the Abstract and Concrete

In talking with people about questions of distributive justice, one often encounters a peculiar sort of conflict or tension. It’s not just that different people hold different views on the question. Rather, each individual person seems somehow to be pulled in a number of different directions.

In an exciting new paper in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Christopher Freiman and Shaun Nichols report an experimental study that helps to shed light on this sort of conflict. Subjects were randomly assigned either to receive an ‘abstract’ question or a ‘concrete’ question. read more...

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