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CFP: Political Identity on the Theshold

Call for papers: Political Identity on the Threshold
Location: Nova University of Lisbon, September 10-11 2018

Keynote: Richard Bellamy (University College, London; European University Institute)

Political identity is historically related to social identity, that is, to how people recognize themselves as members of some larger aggregate grouping. In this sense, it involves an exclusion process whereby ‘we’ are distinguished from ‘them’ and an inclusion process whereby who or what one is can be defined in terms of where one has come from and where one is going. The most common forms of political identity are traced back to nationalist claims associated with states, but even political parties or other social movements came to represent the needs and interests of certain key identities (‘the working class’, ‘the British people’, ‘the environmentalists’), and their success was built largely on their ability to connect to those sharing such characteristics. read more...

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