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New Book – ‘Uniting Mississippi: Democracy and Leadership in the South’

Cover of 'Uniting Mississippi,' featuring a "unity candlelight vigil" at the University of Mississippi from 2012.By Eric Thomas Weber, associate professor of Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi.

Available in paperback, ~$20 (Amazon US, UK, Canada).

About the book:

Uniting Mississippi applies a new, philosophically informed theory of democratic leadership to Mississippi’s challenges. Governor William F. Winter has written a foreword for the book, supporting its proposals.

The book begins with an examination of Mississippi’s apparent Catch-22, namely the difficulty of addressing problems of poverty without fixing issues in education first, and vice versa. These difficulties can be overcome if we look at their common roots, argues Eric Thomas Weber, and if we practice virtuous democratic leadership. Since the approach to addressing poverty has for so long been unsuccessful, Weber reframes the problem. The challenges of educational failure reveal the extent to which there is a caste system of schooling. Certain groups of people are trapped in schools that are underfunded and failing. The ideals of democracy reject hierarchies of citizenship, and thus, the author contends, these ideals are truly tested in Mississippi. Weber offers theories of effective leadership in general and of democratic leadership in particular to show how Mississippi’s challenges could be addressed with the guidance of common values. read more...

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Idealism & Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?

We are pleased to announce a Leverhulme funded network project on the relation between idealism and pragmatism. The project will last three years, and will involve a series of workshops and a final conference. For further details see here:


Our first workshop is scheduled for 25th-26th October 2013, in Sheffield, UK, where this will focus on the historical links between the two traditions. The objective here is to look in detail at how the classical American pragmatists saw themselves in relation to idealism. We will also trace the continuing development of this connection through into the twentieth century, as reflected in the work of figures such as Sellars, Apel, Habermas, Putnam, Rorty and Brandom. The speakers will be: Jeremy Dunham (Edinburgh), Shannon Dea (Waterloo), Dina Emundts (Konstanz), Paul Franks (Yale), Gabriele Gava (Frankfurt), Paul Redding (Sydney) and Kenneth Westphal (UEA). Paper titles and abstracts, and further organizational details, will be made available in due course: read more...

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