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Militant Democracy

My book,A Theory of Militant Democracy: The Ethics of Combatting Political Extremism, has just been published, so I thought I would post a brief description. The book considers how pro-democratic forces can safeguard representative government from anti-democratic groups. By granting … Continue reading

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Book Announcement: The Ethics of Voting

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce my book The Ethics of Voting (Princeton University Press) is now published. You can read the introduction here. (I get about $3.00 in royalties if you buy it, so here are links to Amazon, … Continue reading

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Tuck on the Rationality of Voting: A Critical Note

Some of you may be familiar with Richard Tuck’s recent book Free Riding. It’s a fascinating and valuable work, but I think much of the central argument, especially about the rationality of voting, is deeply flawed. Anyways, here’s a link … Continue reading

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Condorcet’s Jury Theorem as an Argument against Mass Democracy

Ok, if the mathematics discussed in my last post are right, here’s the upshot: Condorcet’s Jury Theorem (in its original formulation) says that in an election between A and B (where A  is the right choice and B is the … Continue reading

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Condorcet Jury Theorem Mathematics Help

If the conditions of the Condorcet Jury Theorem hold, then every additional jurist/voter adds some marginal amount of accuracy to the jury as a whole.  However, this jury experiences diminishing marginal returns.  If every juror has a 51% chance of … Continue reading

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Polluting the Polls: When Citizens Should Not Vote

Lately, I’ve been wondering what it means to be a good citizen.  I’ve been working to develop a liberal theory of civic virtue that is, I think, properly purged of certain republican ideas.  That is, I think civic virtue for … Continue reading

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